With over 25 years’ experience in the removals industry, we at Wunder Removals really do understand. We understand your irreplaceable family photo albums are worth as much to you as any piece of designer furniture you may have. That’s why we handle every one of your boxes as if they were our own. We won’t forget about that designer furniture, though. We use quilted covers for your sofas, durable plastic bags for your mattresses and high-quality transit blankets to wrap and protect your furniture while we move it to your new home.

We’ll take care of your home, too. Our staff are well experienced to expertly negotiate that tricky turn on the landing or particularly narrow staircase without damaging walls. We also provide them with shoe covers and floor protection to keep your carpets clean.

Do you need any help dismantling furniture? We can offer a full dismantling and reassembly service for most furniture items.

Above all, we understand that moving home can be stressful enough without the unnecessary headache of an uncaring removals company. That’s why we offer a friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding approach to your move from the moment you book your pre-move survey to the moment we’ve safely delivered your belongings and wished you ‘good luck’ in your new home.


Wunder Removals will tailor your move to suit your needs and we’ll offer our advice on the most effective and economic way to achieve those needs. Split destination deliveries between a storage facility and your new home; no problem. Pack your own boxes or let us do it for you; your choice. Need to move at the weekend due to work restraints; we’re happy to oblige. Wunder Removals is as flexible as you need us to be.

Moving Checklist

  • Cancel utility bills

    Inform your utility suppliers (gas, water, electricity etc.) of your move date and complete any change of address documents they have. You don’t want to pay for the new occupier’s usage. Don’t forget to take a final meter reading.

  • For a small fee your post can be redirected for 3, 6 or 12 months via www.royalmail.com

  • Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Brokers etc. all need to know that you’re moving and where you’re moving to.

  • You can update your driving licence and V5C (logbook) with your new address via www.gov.uk or apply by post. It’s free of charge, but you could be fined if you don’t update the details.

  • You can change the address on your TV licence via www.tvlicensing.co.uk up to 3 months in advance of your move. You may be able to move your digital TV and broadband packages to your new home if the supplier provides a service there. If there’s a delay moving your broadband, consider using your phone as a mobile hotspot for short periods of internet use.

  • If you’re moving to a residents-only parking area you may want to apply for a permit. You’ll need to contact your local authority to apply.

  • Ice from your fridge / freezer will melt in the removal vehicle, making the floor of the vehicle wet and potentially causing harm to your other goods. Try to use up your frozen food before it’s time to defrost.

  • There are a few items you’ll need to keep close by on move day. Make a small box of essential items you can keep with you and move in your own car: papers relating to the home move, passport, phone charger, something to entertain the kids, snacks, toilet roll and cleaning products.

  • Consider leaving a helpful list for the new residents moving in. Bin collection days, fuse box location, stopcock location, thermostat instructions, current utility suppliers and a telephone number for a local takeaway may be very handy for the first night!

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