Packing materials

Wunder Removals can supply you with a full range of packing materials for your move. We stock a variety of different size cartons, tape and packing paper for wrapping your breakables. Contact us for a price list.

Packing service

Wunder Removals can offer you a complete packing service if you don’t have enough hours in your day to work a full-time job, look after the children, visit the in-laws, walk the dog AND pack all of your belongings into boxes prior to moving. We understand. We really do. Our staff are trained, experienced, and know exactly how to wrap and protect your fragile items. The packing service normally takes place the day before your move, but we’ll make sure you’re left comfortable overnight with all you need to survive the evening. Why not let us take some of the stress out of your move and leave the packing to the experts?

Wunder Wisdom

If you’re packing your own boxes, don’t forget to write a brief description of the contents on the box and which room the contents came from. Your Wunder removal staff can place the boxes directly into the correct rooms for you.

Use small boxes for heavy items like books and CDs and larger boxes for lighter items like clothes and bedding.

Breakables need to be wrapped individually in packing paper and / or bubble wrap, but cushions, pillows and linens can provide useful, extra protection around the sides and bottom of the box.

Crockery and glassware should be stood upright inside the box; not laying flat. They’re much stronger and safer this way.

Drink plenty of tea. All good removers know this is the key to a successful move. Staying hydrated is vital.

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