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Chislehurst is a suburban district of Greater London. The name Chislehurst comes from the Saxon words ‘cisel’ meaning ‘gravel’ and ‘hyrst’ meaning wooded hill;. Chislehurst is a predominantly residential area with Chislehurst West being home to the High Street and biggest of the ponds. The town is one of the starting points for the Green Chain Walk and, in 1888, nearby Chislehurst Common was saved from development by protesting local residents due to the town’s popularity as a Bank Holiday tourist destination.

Chislehurst’s most popular local attraction is Chislehurst Caves. Originally used to mine flint and chalk, Chislehurst Caves went on to become nightly air-raid shelters in WWII. Chislehurst Caves have also been used as a venue for live music, hosting such greats as Bowie, Hendrix and The Stones.

Chislehurst’s famous residents include Craig Fairbrass, Siouxsie Sioux and Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte!!

Chislehurst railway station links Chislehurst with London to the north and Kent to the South. Chislehurst also benefits from numerous TFL bus routes. Two arterial roads run through Chislehurst; the A222 and the A208.

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